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Our Appetite for Action campaign is looking at how food waste levels, and therefore carbon emissions and net zero ambitions, are being impacted by the current global issues around supply chain resilience.

Watch the webinar, featuring experts from WRAP and WWF, to explore why prioritising a net zero strategy and tackling food waste will ultimately help navigate supply chain issues and learn how we can all build more resilient food supply chains.

Watch the webinar

Through our Appetite for Action campaign, we use our scale and food industry expertise to convene and work alongside political and industry stakeholders, chefs and customers to drive meaningful change in food service procurement to help cut food waste. Our commitment at Sodexo is to halve our own food waste by 2025, a key element of our roadmap to Net Zero. But with the United Nations stating that one-third of the world’s food goes to waste, we are determined to also work towards supporting measures which will cut food waste outside our own operations. 

Unprecedented pressure on supply chains has led to food buyers in the UK’s biggest organisations reporting a 60% increase in food waste over the last six months.

This surge casts doubt on the food industry’s ability to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030, and hampers progress to net zero

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Sean Haley, Regional Chair UK & Ireland and CEO Service Operations Worldwide:

It is good to see core social value principles being incorporated into the Government Food Strategy – we welcome its publication and the consultations that follow.

At the end of last year, following a COP26 that failed to reflect on the very real impact of food waste, we launched our report Appetite for Action which called on Government to commission a dedicated strategy for tackling food waste. At that time, we recommended that mandatory food waste reporting form part of this strategy. As such, we were particularly pleased to see Defra issue a consultation on food waste reporting for large businesses. We are now looking in depth at the strategy and will respond to both this consultation, and that on public sector food and catering policy for England in due course.

Report: Reducing food waste and carbon emissions in food services

We produced our Appetite for Action report in December 2021 based on data from research we commissioned, and insights from a roundtable we hosted. See below for more on these.

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In October 2021, we hosted a roundtable of experts including WRAP, WWF and Defra to discuss three themes:

  1. How can rapid change in the food services sector be catalysed?
  2. How can government create the policy and regulatory framework to better support this change?
  3. How can government and industry better educate customers and consumers about the impact of food waste on the climate, and their role in supporting the reduction of food waste - and therefore carbon emissions?

This roundtable was informed by research we commissioned among 275 food procurement senior decision-makers across the private and public sector in the UK to understand their thoughts on how food buying trends need to change in order to reduce food waste.

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