A global network

A hunger-free world is possible! Stop Hunger is a global non-profit network that has been working locally for those most in need to permanently escape hunger.

Hunger is not inevitable, but rather the result of ongoing armed conflicts and natural disasters.

An estimated 1 in 8 people will be at risk of hunger in a short or mid-term, resulting from the food crisis during the pandemic.

The UN’s objective to eradicate hunger by 2030 is nearing. 
How should we respond to this emergency? 

While food aid remains vital to save lives, we want to first sustainably end hunger in the world: 

  • Our priority is women empowerment, because they are proven to be the most effective in eliminating hunger in communities most in need,
  • Our actions go beyond food aid, by developing food self-sufficiency and by facilitating access to education, training, and employment. 


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